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Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians is now the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians! 

We offer “caregiver and me” music and movement classes for children from 4 months up to 4 years, and “drop off” music classes and camps for kiddos from 3 ½  - 5 years 

Why the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians is Chicagoland’s #1 choice for early childhood music and movement classes

The Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians is one of the fastest-growing early childhood music and movement schools in the Chicagoland area. Our classes for kiddos from 4 months - 5 years are not only fun and playful, but they are also designed to grow with your child, targeting developmental milestones every step of the way.

From socialization to language development to motor skills, our songs and activities inspire creativity and build both musical and non-musical skills that extend far beyond the classroom. Several of our students travel from all over the Chicagoland area including Brookfield, La Grange / LaGrange Park, Elmhurst, Riverside / North Riverside, Berwyn, Chicago, and Oak Park / River Forest. 

Our most popular classes and camps

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Why choose the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians

preschool turn-taking on music drum

Our music program grows with your child, targeting developmental milestones every step of the way.

From socialization to language development to motor skills, our unique songs and activities inspire creativity and build both musical and non-musical skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

parent toddler bonding music

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum has been professionally recorded and is included FREE in your tuition.

Our skill-building curriculum consists of 200+ songs (mostly “Ms. Clara” originals!) that have been professionally arranged and recorded, and are included FREE in your tuition. Perfect for long car rides!

making friends in music class

We offer a nurturing “caregiver and me” classroom experience that prepares your child for preschool and kindergarten.

Our classes offer the perfect opportunity not only to socialize your children, but also to prepare them for preschool and kindergarten in a fun and supportive environment. Starting as young as 4 months, we incorporate turn-taking, circle time, joint attention, etc., in each and every class.

music classes for babies near me

Is your kiddo shy? A little tornado? ;-) We’ve seen it all, and every learning style is welcome here.

While we encourage appropriate classroom behaviors, we understand that this is a learning process and does not happen in the first class. We work with each family individually and always keep an open line of communication between parents and teachers about children's experiences in the classroom.

music classes for siblings

Siblings are welcome to attend class together, even if they are of different ages.

While our classes are age-specific, families are welcome to bring siblings to class together. We help you determine which class level is best for 2+ children to attend together, and we offer up to 50% discounts for sibling(s) to attend a class that is out of their age range.

baby and toddler music instruments

We have a proven track record of excellence since 2011.

We have been offering quality early childhood music and movement classes in Brookfield for ten years and counting and have been trusted by over 1800 families during this time. View our testimonial page or check out our 5-star reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google to see what parents are saying!

musical community for babies and toddlers

We offer a welcoming and non-judgmental environment that is perfect for both new and experienced parents, and it’s a wonderful place for you and your child to make new friends!

First-time (and experienced) moms and dads can often feel nervous attending a class for the first time, and we go over and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and included. Having been in business for over 10 years, we’ve seen countless lifelong friendships of both kids and adults begin in our classes.

fun and talented music teachers for preschoolers

Our teachers are highly talented singers with years of professional and personal experience working with infants and young children.

Our teachers are not only trained musicians, they are also highly skilled educators that excel in creating the perfect balance between play and structure in each class.

music classes for children with special needs

We teach music organically and do not rely on pre-recorded songs.

Our classes are sung start to finish by our talented teachers, and we use handheld instruments and props such as shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, hand puppets, and the triangle in every class. This allows your child to learn about and experience music organically, rather than through impersonal, pre-recorded songs and rhymes.

introduction to music

We offer classes on weekday mornings, early evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Our class times are perfect for working families, stay-at-home caregivers, families with nannies, etc.

playful and imaginative group music classes

We are not just a music school; we are a community.

We love to stay connected to our families! It is highly important to us that each registered family is not just a name, but a valued member of our musical community. We pride ourselves on replying to texts and emails quickly and thoroughly, and we can be reached 7 days/week.

toddler music classes near me

We are located in the heart of Brookfield, just one mile west of the Brookfield Zoo.

Our studio is conveniently located within the “Eight Corners” district of Brookfield, known for its shops and restaurants. There is plenty of angled street parking right out front. Have breakfast next door, go to music class, and then head to the zoo to see the monkeys and dolphins. It’s a perfect day!

happy babies in music class

Behind all of the fun, our “secret” goal is education and not simply entertainment.

By the time children “graduate” from our program, they have a solid foundation in music education that translates perfectly to instrumental lessons. Mini Musician alumni leave with a full understanding of numerous musical concepts and terms, and will even have learned the basics of note-reading.

Meet the director

As a 5th generation musician and the daughter of two symphony musicians, I come from a long line of musicians who dedicated their lives not only to creating music, but also to instilling a love of music in others, particularly children. I spent many years as a professional singer before discovering early childhood music education, and my priorities in life shifted overnight. The profound joy and endless developmental benefits of early childhood music filled my soul like nothing I’d experienced before, and I couldn’t wait to share my passion with the families in my own community.


Over the past 10+ years, I have used my expansive musical background and my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University to create a curriculum designed to target both musical and non-musical skills. Parents often come to our classes “looking for something fun to do,” only to be shocked and amazed as their kiddos grow leaps and bounds in our program. From boosting self-confidence to practicing turn-taking skills to developing intelligent listening skills, your infant, toddler, or preschooler will absolutely thrive in our program.


My ultimate goal as director is to introduce as many children as possible to this magical art form and to awaken the love of music in future child at a time.

-“Ms. Clara” D’Onofrio


What our parents say


Ready to start? You have nothing to lose!

Sign-up is easy and parent-friendly. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material fees, and no semester minimums.


$77 / month

Monthly tuition is based on a 45 week year as we are closed for seven weeks for various holidays. In the long months, you will get five classes, and in short months such as November and December, you will get three classes. Most months you will get four classes. The tuition is the same each month.

A one-time registration fee is $20 (due only at the time of registration)

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