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Music Classes in PreSchools & Daycares

The Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians offers early childhood music programs that fit in perfectly at your preschool or daycare!

Early Childhood Music Classes

A high-quality music program is a huge incentive for parents deciding where to send their little ones for their earliest education. The Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians offers fun, interactive, and educational music classes specifically designed for children from infancy – kindergarten. With creative and original songs unique to our program, your students will love exploring the joys of music, all while having so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning!


Why add our music program to your preschool?

Music and early childhood go hand in hand beautifully, and I am confident that songs and rhymes already play a huge role in the day-to-day interactions in your preschool or daycare. Songs to invite children to circle time, songs to clean up, songs to learn the days of the week, etc. So why would your school benefit from the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians music classes?

We have spent countless hours writing or selecting songs and rhymes that target age-appropriate musical and non-musical skills. In each class, children will play a variety of musical instruments including shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, jingle bells, sand blocks, the drum and triangle, and more (all provided by our program). And not only will we be singing and playing the instruments together, but children of all ages will also be experiencing and learning about musical concepts such as beat vs. rhythm, forte and piano, audio-visual integration, and inner listening skills.

Additionally, many of the songs and rhymes we sing in class are originals, so children are exposed to fun new songs that they will not learn anywhere else. Songs that offer creative ways to celebrate each season, songs to help children learn about animals in the forest or people in their community, and songs to find fun rhythms in everyday tasks such as using a hammer or mixing a pancake. (Just to name a few- we actually have hundreds of songs in our repertoire that cover dozens of topics!)


Reinforcing musical and non-musical skills

There are so many added benefits of our music program, including such non-musical skills as turn-taking, sharing, listening, respecting personal space, and learning participatory behaviors. All of our teachers are thoroughly trained to lead music classes that flow effortlessly from one song or activity to the next while maintaining the delicate balance of a structured classroom environment and a playful, fun atmosphere.

Also, our songs are designed to help children practice and develop both fine and gross motor skills through song dramatization, instrument play, and movement. Many preschool directors and teachers have found our songs to be enormously beneficial to their students, both during music class and throughout the week as they incorporate our songs and activities into their own lessons.

Fun & adorable music class videos

Preschool directors and teachers love posting videos of music class on their private Facebook page so parents can watch their children’s activities throughout the day. Please pardon the quality of the videos, but we hope you can see how much the children are loving music class!

Drum w 2s
Oliver Twist w 2s and 3s
Clap Your Hands w 2s
Cocoon w 3s

Testimonials by PreSchool Directors and Teachers

Mrs. Vyskocil,
Kindergarten teacher at Alphabet Learning Center 

Ms Clara’s music class is a sheer delight. The children are fully engaged and so filled with excitement. She always has creative and innovative ways to teach and bring all aspects of music into the class. During free play in our class, I’ve found the children pretending they are Ms. Clara! Truly a great compliment to her! Thank you Ms Clara!

Margaret Combs,
Primary Directress at Alcuin Montessori

Our first parent-teacher conference of the school year was filled with parents wanting to know who Ms. Clara is. Their children came home from school singing new songs and energetically relaying stories of their music classes. The students are eager to participate in Ms. Clara’s classes and clearly love their time with her. That’s what makes a preschool thrive- happy children and happy parents.

Amy Faison
Preschool director & teacher at First Congo Preschool

For the past 3 years, Miss Clara and her talented teachers have been coming to play and sing with the kiddos at the First Congregational Preschool of Western Springs. The children (and teachers) look forward to our musical Mondays. During their instruction time the children are happily engaged in singing, movement and exploring rhythm with instruments just right for little hands. Music time with Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians inspires creative learning at just the right time in a young child’s life!


We offer a variety of pricing options including preschool-paid programs and even parent-parent programs that not only cost the school nothing but also offer the opportunity for your school or day care to make money by adding our music program!

Schedule a free trial class today!

There’s truly no better way to discover the joy, love, and laughter that our teachers bring to each music class than to experience it for yourself. Please contact Clara D’Onofrio at (708) 704-1716 or via email today to schedule a free trial class at your preschool or day care. There is no obligation, and we are so excited to sing and play with your students very soon!

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